The People's Plot is a community gardening project that started in West London and grew. We are a group of gardeners, volunteering to help improve our neighbourhoods by creating green spaces for growing together: kitchen gardens, community orchards, radical plantings and grass-roots activities. We want everyone to know that by growing our own and nurturing growth we become more self-sufficient and healthier members of a community. We want to help any person who is hoping to improve community green space with ideas, resources, training and contacts. This land belongs to us - let's lend a hand to the diggers! Our current projects include a community orchard and a Local Food Festival in Burnham on Sea, check their website out at
I have removed regular People's Plot web-content because of the vast number of queries I am getting regarding my nomination as an Olympic Torch Bearer in recognition for the work that I did setting up The People's Plot. I have decided to sell my torch after the relay to benefit The People's Plot. I feel that the best legacy of 'my moment to shine' is to further the community work for which I was nominated in the first place. The torch is a great piece of British design, but bling's not my thing. I would much rather this amazing memento is looked after by a passionate collector who is willing to support the community building work that is close to my heart.

The Olympic values of Respect, Excellence and Friendship are values which run through the work of The Peoples Plot.

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